10 Tips for the Self-Proclaimed Non-Writer

  1. Forget about being perfect.

    Your JamBio is for you. It’s designed to help you remember, save, and share the best memories of your life. Your family and friends don’t care if you’re not Ernest Hemingway; they just want to hear your stories, because they care about them and about you. So avoid falling victim to “analysis paralysis.” And write on!

  2. Ask Monty for a memory-prompting question.

    Feeling stuck? Never fear—Monty the JamBios biographer is here! If you ever find yourself in need of some memory motivation, click on Monty in a Chapter. He’ll ask you fun memory questions related to that Chapter topic to help inspire your reminiscing. For example: what do you remember about your first day of school? Hmmm . . .

  3. Reach out to family and friends.

    If you’re really in a jam (get it?), ask your family and friends to add their own memories to a Section. It’s quick and easy to invite them as Contributors to your JamBio. Just click the toolbar at the bottom of your Section and enter their email addresses. If you just want them to read your memories, you can do that too!

  4. Use an old keepsake or photo.

    Clean your room. Trust us on this one. You’ll probably find something cool . . . and with it, a memory!

  5. Write like you’d talk.

    Think of someone with whom you’d like to share this memory out loud. It could be a friend . . . a family member . . . hey, maybe it’s someone you invited to Contribute! Imagine they’re sitting in front of you and you’re talking to them about the memory. Then write down the story as you would tell it to that person.

  6. Write when you’re comfortable.

    Everyone is different. Maybe you’d like to wake up early on a weekend and write a little with your morning coffee. Maybe you want to stay up late and write in bed. Maybe you want to write with music playing; maybe you want to write in complete silence. However and whenever you are most comfortable writing—that’s how you should do it.

  7. Good writers are good readers.

    Read a memoir or two. Maybe an autobiography of someone you admire. Or even a collection of essays. It’s a wonderful pastime—and writing magically becomes much easier when you enjoy reading.

  8. Start small.

    Don’t go thinking you need to whip out a perfectly crafted JamBio the size of War and Peace. Start with one Section a day. Use Monty’s memory prompts, connect with family and friends, or dig up an old photo—whatever’s going to motivate you to get started. Put just a few words on the page . . . and then a few more. Take it one step at a time, and soon you’ll find that it’s easier than you thought.

  9. Practice makes perfect.

    This one’s simple—the more you reminisce, the more easily it will come to you, and the more you’ll enjoy it! Just pick a Chapter, create a Section for whatever memory comes to mind, and start writing. Plus, explore all the spiffy features of JamBios by adding photos, quotes, and dedications as you go.

  10. Have fun!

    If you’ve ever reminisced with family or friends around a coffee table or a campfire, you know that it’s always a great time when you remember together. JamBios is a way to share memories with those you love no matter how far away they are—and save them forever. When all else fails, just relax, enjoy the memories, and have fun!